Aeration and Overseeding Service

This service is best performed in the fall as routine maintenance. If your lawn is very thin or recovering from some type of damage, aerating the lawn in the spring will help thicken the turf and speed the recovery process.

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Aeration and overseeding service in Columbia, Sykesville, ellicott city, glenelg MD

Aeration and Overseeding company in Maryland

What is Aeration and Overseeding?

Aeration is the process of removing small 3-4" long plugs of soil from the turf area. Doing so helps nutrients, oxygen, and water enter the root system easier and faster. Aerating in the fall when your lawn is recovering from heat stress and weed growth is always suggested. Aerating in the spring can actually open up the soil for unwanted weeds to germinate and take over, so be careful aerating in the spring and make sure you have a fertilization and weed control plan that is customized to your situation.

Why Aerate?

Typically, Aeration and overseeding is included in our annual lawn care package. It is one of the most important cultural practices to growing a thick, weed-free, healthy lawn. Timing is also critical - Aeration in the spring can help to rejuvenate a lawn that has been damaged or neglected in the past few years. In Maryland, aeration in late summer/ early fall will yield the best results with less risk of opening the ground to broadleaf and summer weeds. Aeration not only prepares the ground for new seed growth, but improves the root system of existing turf - healthy roots make a healthy lawn!

Why Us?

Our Aeration and overseeding service will give you the best bang for your buck! We start by aerating the lawn in separate directions to ensure uniform coverage of plugs. Areas where a mechanical plugger cannot fit will be roughed up by hand to increase seed-to-soil contact. Once the lawn has been aerated, we will overseed with a high quality tall fescue seed mixture. LaneScapes uses certified seed cultivars for the Maryland area to give you the best results for years to come. We also hand spread the seed in areas that are hard to reach with a spreader or require extra attention.  

Is Aeration Important?

 Your lawn's root system is much like your body's vital organs - it needs oxygen, water, and other nutrients to create usable energy. This is also where that energy will be stored for future use when nutrients become scarce. Give your lawn the healthy diet that it deserves by properly fertilizing, watering, and aerating each year... Your lawn will thank you! 

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