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Services LaneScapes offers to clarksville, MD 21029:


Fertilization and Weed Control

Is your lawn in embarrassing condition? Are you dissatisfied with your current lawn maintenance company? Are you hoping to get more out of your local lawn care company? Give LaneScapes a call!  See what LaneScapes has to offer over the competition by CLICKING HERE

Lawn Mowing

LaneScapes Lawn Mowing service is setting the bar for our competition, and they are having a hard time keeping up! We continuously push for an all-around better service for our clients through technology, training, more advanced equipment, and listening to what our clients value most. Chances are, we mow your neighbor's lawn. So give us a call and see if we can save you money AND provide you with the level or service that you deserve!

Leaf Removal

Clarksville is a well-established town which means lots of old trees. Lots of old trees means LOTS of NEW leaves! LaneScapes offers leaf removal services like fall cleanup, landscape cleanup, and lawn leaf cleanup throughout the fall to all of Clarksville, MD.

Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration of your lawn helps to maintain healthy and biologically sustainable soil. Poking holes in your lawn might look counterproductive, but what it really accomplishes is increased nutrients, water and oxygen, directly to the roots of your lawn. When coupled with overseeding, our carefully selected blend of Maryland approved Fescue grass seed falls into the holes and creates even more roots! This results in a beautiful, thick, soft, green, uniform, lawn. 

Sod Installation

Is your lawn past the point of no return? Is your lawn overwhelmed with weeds or pests? Did you just build a new home or business? Did you just install a new landscape or addition? Do you want instant results? 

No more waiting for your weeds to die and your grass to green up! Have your ugly lawn replaced with a brand new sod installation by LaneScapes Lawn Care. Don't worry, after it is installed, we will show you exactly how to water, when to water, and when to mow your new sod installation. We will also ensure you know how much it will cost to maintain the fertilization and weed control for your new lawn installation.

Lawn and Turf Repair

Have a lawn problem that your not sure how to fix? or maybe you don't have the tools and resources to do it yourself.

LaneScapes helps clients repair their old and neglected lawn in many ways. The easiest way to fix the problem is to start with a face-to-face meeting and receive a free lawn analysis by LaneScapes Lawn Care.

LaneScapes Lawn Care & Landscaping Company in Clarksville, MD 21029

We specialize in residential and commercial lawn mowing, landscaping, design and install, mulching, leaf removal, lawn cutting, fertilization and weed control and more, to our customers in Clarksville, Highland, Fulton, Glenelg, MD and surrounding areas!

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