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Downspout Drains and Underground Extensions

 Whether you are replacing an outdated system or finally installing a new downspout drain system to fix a damaged yard or basement water issues, our process is the same. We will show you exactly where the pipes will be installed via drawings or flags on the yard. After installation, we will provide you with pictures of the installed pipes so you know exactly where (or where not to) dig in the future.

Common Black Corrugated Pipe

 This type of drain has its own benefits, but typically the benefits do NOT outweigh the downfalls. Often times we find ourselves replacing these systems with solid PVC pipes for extended service life and ease of maintenance. If you can put a hose into this pipe and see the water rise out of the pipe or find that it is punctured and leaching into the ground, it is time to replace the black corrugated pipe with a PVC system. 

Dry Wells

 A dry well is typically an excavated area filled with filtered and clean #57 stone so that water can naturally and slowly leach into he surrounding soil. This is usually completely underground and invisible to the naked eye. This is rarely installed unless space or grading is an issue. Don't worry, we have installed plenty of dry wells and even have ABS plastic dry wells that can hold up to 50% more water than traditional excavated-stone wells. 

French Drains

 When standing water or water-logged soil is an issue, a french drain is the solution. We use a combination of filter fabric, clean stone, and PVC drain pipes to move the water through the soil, through the clean stone, into the pipe, and exit at a more desirable location. When standing water is a very serious issue, or if the soil does not drain quickly, we will recommend a catch basin to quickly evacuate the standing water during storms. 

Catch Basins

 Catch basins have a very important role. They remove large amounts of water from the surface of a lawn, driveway, patio, etc. very quickly! They have an area at the bottom of the basin to trap sediment and debris from entering the pipes which makes for simple and easy maintenance of the drainage system. Simply remove the decorative cover, use your hand or small tool to remove the sediment, then replace the cover. Don't like getting dirty? We do, give us a call! 

Channel Drains

 Channel drains are very important! We mainly use them to catch wide flows of water from entering buildings, landscaping, garages, or structures. You often find these at the bottom of driveways, roads, walkways, pool decks, or any other hard surface with a ton of water runoff. These systems are very labor intensive to install, requiring a section of the existing driveway to be removed, the drain carefully leveled and sloped, new concrete or asphalt to be installed around the drain, then the drainage pipe to be dug and glued into the channel drain. We can install them in any type of surface - asphalt, concrete, pavers, natural stone, etc. 


Sump Pump Drainage

 Any time you are working with sump pumps, there are some very important rules, regulations, and laws that need to be addressed. We will not get into these rules and regulations since our competitors love to copy us. Keep in mind when hiring a contractor for any drainage solution, you must be licensed and insured to perform this work and you MUST hire someone that has the experience and knowledge to complete the job correctly. Otherwise, you could end up with a flooded basement and a contractor that just shrugs his/her shoulders.


 Hardscaping is another option to control standing water or eliminate sinking sidewalks or soggy lawn areas that track mud into the house or business. One option that has become very popular in recent years is permeable pavers. This utilizes the classic look of concrete pavers with the functionality of a very fast stormwater drain. For more information on this system, give us a call and someone can show you exactly how this system works. Some counties and states even offer credits and awards for installing such features.

LaneScapes Drainage Solutions in Maryland

We offer a 1 year warranty against system not operating correctly, leaking, or installed products breaking. We offer landscape drainage, french drains, and gutter drain installation to most parts of Maryland including Columbia, Ellicott City, Frederick, Sykesville, Westminster, Gaithersburg, Owings Mills, Catonsville, Glyndon, Mt Airy, Lutherville, and more.


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