Leaf Removal - Fall Cleanup

Leaf removal and fall cleanup is offered in 3 ways

Curb-Side Leaf Pickup

 This requires the customer to rake or blow all of the leaves to the edge of the street or driveway into a pile, or multiple piles. We then use our high power debris vacuum to suck the leaves into a large dump truck and haul them away.

We charge by the minute for this service.

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Full Service Leaf Removal

 We handle all of the dirty work! We use high powered leaf blowers to blow all the leaves off of your lawn, flower beds, basement walkout, decks/patios. We can blow them into your wooded area if applicable, or we can simply haul them away.

We must visit your property to give an accurate estimate for this service. 

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Full Service Landscape Cleanup

 Our landscape service consists of removing all of the leaves from the property AND cutting back perennials flowers, trimming any shrubs that require trimming, trimming lower branches of trees, and weeding flower beds. Edging and mulching is optional but can be included.

We must visit your property to give an accurate estimate for this service.

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Leaf Removal Service in Howard County, Carroll County , Baltimore County Maryland

We like to keep a fast turn-around time on our leaf removal services, so please call as early as possible to schedule your fall leaf cleanup. Keep in mind, fall cleanups prior to Thanksgiving is extremely popular, so don't wait!

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Why Leaf is removal such an important part of lawn care?

Leaf Removal - Fall Cleanup in Sykesville, Ellicott City, Columbia, Mt Airy, Howard Carroll County

 Leaf removal is a very important part of keeping your lawn and landscape healthy. It is one service that I insist customers to have performed because it allows your grass, plants, shrubs, and ground covers to breath during the winter months. Allowing the leaves to sit on the lawn and mulch beds will smother the plants of its necessary nutrients for photosynthesis. In the fall, lawns will go dormant and store more energy in its root system to make up for the cold weather and less sunlight. It is important to keep the lawn and landscape free of leaves throughout fall and winter to reduce dead spots in the lawn.


"LaneScapes Lawn Care offers leaf removal and fall cleanup services to Ellicott City Maryland, Sykesville, Westminster, Clarksville, Columbia, Glenelg, Eldersburg, Mt Airy, Howard County, Carroll County MD and more!"

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