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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Today's technological advances has resulted in easier and faster production of low voltage lamps, hardware, and fixtures. L.E.D. lamps are now the standard, and solid cast brass or aluminum fixtures are replacing the "big box store" cheap imitations. What was once only found in the wealthiest of neighborhoods, is now being seen illuminating homes and landscapes all over Maryland.


Our warranty is 1 year labor and parts for the design, install, and maintenance of the entire system. Our manufactures have 5, 10, and even 15 year warranties on their products which we handle all of the communications and claims process for our client. Contact us to learn more about the different brands and what we have to offer.


Landscape lighting not only improves the aesthetics of your home or business, it also improves the security. Houses and neighborhoods that are well-lit are less likely to get burglarized or broken into.* You also have the peace of mind that you can look out your windows and see a dimly lit landscape walkways and ornamental trees - no more walking around the back patio blindly in the pitch black of night!


Honestly, one of the biggest reasons we install and repair landscape lighting is for the "WOW" factor! Seeing the look on the clients face when we flip the switch of a newly installed landscape lighting system is worth every penny. "Amazing", "beautiful", "spectacular",  "wonderful" is merely some of the reactions that you should expect to hear from neighbors, friends, and family members.


Will this increase my electric bill?

Yes and No.  Often times, we are replacing high wattage bulbs such as flood lights on the side of your house or building with low voltage LEDs. This means we may actually save you money using these lower wattage fixtures and lamps. You can use all of 200 Watts in a complete landscape lighting system. OR, you could use every bit of 200 watts on just ONE motion sensor spot light on the side of your house!

How long does a typical bulb last?

The length of life really depends on how long you run your system and how well the system was installed. A dry, sealed, properly wired, brand name LED lamp will last approximately 30,000-50,000 hours!

Does higher price really mean better quality?

Typically, yes. Inside your house, your lighting and appliances are in a controlled environment. In the landscape, your lighting and appliances are dealing with flooding rains, tornadoes, feet of snow, blazing hot sun, and biting cold temperatures. This means you want to spend the money once to get a product that will be sealed, not rust or corrode, not easily damaged by pedestrians or vehicles, and be functional for many years.

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