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The first step to a healthy lawn is a proper fertilizing schedule. Under-fertilization can lead to brown, unhealthy, and thin turf. Over-fertilization can lead to fungus and blooms of other pests, browning of the grass blade, extreme growth, or even death of the plant itself. Fertilizing a lawn also requires proper certification and license within the state of Maryland to prevent further damage to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. LaneScapes takes multiple factors into consideration when determining your fertilization needs such as irrigation, type of grass, and past maintenance services.

Weed Control

Much like fertilizing your lawn, to provide weed control services in Maryland, the state requires a license and certification to prevent harmful accumulations of pest control products and improper use of these chemicals. LaneScapes first starts with an analysis of your lawn to determine the ideal pest management practice to remove and control weeds in your lawn for years to come. Keep in mind, weed control or "weed killer" applications are not a one-time service. Proper weed control takes multiple applications to remove the weeds and then multiple applications of different products to prevent further weeds from emerging. 

Did you know, some common weed seeds can stay dormant in the soil for up to 15 years?! This is why season-long applications of selective weed control products is so important! We know which product to apply to prevent these weeds at just the right time of year so they don't become an issue.

Did you know, Barnyardgrass, a common lawn weed can drop 750,000 seeds per plant?!! This is why proper prevention of certain weeds is SOO important!

Did you know, the Old English folk name for Dandelions is "piss-a-bed"? Although funny and totally inappropriate, the name was acquired due to the plant's herbal diuretic abilities (natural stimulant to increase urine supply in the body). Dandelions, although they have a relatively quick floral display, are considered one of the most unwanted weeds in Maryland.

Licensed & Certified

LaneScapes is, and always will be, a certified and licensed fertilizer and weed control company in Maryland. The Maryland Department of Agriculture requires any company or individual applying fertilizer and pest control products to homes or business to be certified and licensed. When choosing a fertilization and weed control company in Maryland, make sure you ask to see their business license or ask them in person to see their pest control certificate I.D.

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration & Overseeding for your lawn is extremely important as a yearly maintenance service. LaneScapes will provide you with a quote for aeration and overseeding "a la carte" or we can add it to your annual service package. For more info on aeration and overseeding, CLICK HERE.

Grub Control

Grubs can destroy a lawn's root system in a matter of days! It seems like overnight your lawn can go from green and healthy to dead and spotty. LaneScapes highly recommends continuing a seasonal grub prevention program if you have ever noticed large spots of dead grass.

The most common way to tell if you have grub damage is to grab the dead grass by the root stems and pull up like a carpet. If the top of the grass root system comes off like a roll of sod, you have grubs feasting on your lawn root system.Unfortunately, at this time, the damage has already been done. We have a way to kill the rest of the grubs rather quickly, but you will still require aeration and seeding or even a full lawn replacement. Proper grub prevention is critical.

Lawn Care Service Area

LaneScapes currently offers fertilization and weed control services to Columbia MD, Clarksville MD, Sykesville MD, Glenelg MD, Fulton MD, Ellicott City MD, West Friendship MD, Westminster MD, Owings Mills MD, Mt Airy MD, Eldersburg MD, Glyndon MD, Reisterstown MD, Catonsville MD, And the surrounding areas. 21784, 21723, 21794, 21104, 21042, 21043, 21045, 21044, 21029, 21046, 21036, 21737, 21738, 21797, 21771, 21157, 21158

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